My name is Jordi. I'm a front-end developer based in Valencia (Spain). My goal is to provide user-centered web solutions.


My Projects

Last projects that I am working or have been working on.

    Next.js Static Generated Blog

    Friend of mine's website done with Next.js and SSG.

    Technologies: React.js, Next.js, TailwindCSS.

    Movie & TV Show searcher

    Create an account, search any movie or TV show, read some specific info about it, and even watch the trailer between thousands of media.

    Technologies: React.js, Apollo GraphQL, TailwindCSS.

    Apollo GraphQL Server + Auth (JWT)

    Back-end side for the movie & tv show searcher project. Apollo Server for wrapping the API Rest, combined with mutations and JWT for managing auth.

    Technologies: Apollo GraphQL, JWT, MongoDB, Node.js.

    Cryptography Data Visualization

    Visualize the 24hr top crypto's charts in real time with real data. Also developed the dashboard UI, but the real data is only used on the charts.

    Technologies: Vue.js, ApexCharts.js, TailwindCSS.


My technology stack

These are the main technologies that I'm focused on.

  • React

    This is the main JavaScript framework that I'm currently using, and also the one that I dominate the most, although I first learned Vue.js.

    Rocking with React Hooks in all my React projects.

  • GraphQL

    I use the Apollo's GraphQL implementations: Apollo Client for React and Apollo Server for Node.js.

    I also use a lot of REST API's, sometimes even wrap them up with Apollo Server.

  • Tailwind CSS

    Thanks to the utility-first TailwindCSS 'framework', I build clear and responsive interfaces for the web.

    I always use it as a PostCSS plugin, so I can reduce a lot the CSS bundle size.


Who I am

I am front-end developer based in Valencia (Spain). I've always been a self-taught learning person; that's how I learnt front-end.

Currently working at Dedalus, a healthcare-tech company.

Interested in the logical part of the web, and also its visual side. Although I mainly do front-end, I love UX/UI and that's why I've studied the basics. My main focus is to provide user-centered solutions, always meeting the client needs, and allowing their apps to scale.

Aside from tech, some of my hobbies are travelling around the world, dancing, reading and meditating.